The Best Tacos in Fort Worth

Three tacos with chicken and beef, topped with cheese and lettuce at velvet taco in Fort Worth

Austin City Taco Co.

Austin City Taco Co. will not only give you the style of Austin, but it will also give you the flavor of the city as well. It was founded by a UT alum who does not follow any trends. Instead to give you what you are craving now. The Austin City Taco Co. offers a variety of foods such as the al pastor, marinated pork with onion, pineapple, cilantro, sauce, and lime served on a corn tortilla. They are also known for serving their breakfast tacos all day long. While you are there, check out their house margaritas as well. Try their frozen sangria swirl, they do not disappoint. You can find this Austin-style restaurant at 517 University Dr. Fort Worth, Tx.

Mariachi’s Dine-In

Mariachi’s Dine-In is an authentic Mexican street tacos restaurant that is located at 301 S Sylvania Ave. Fort Worth, Tx. tucked into the corner of the Dave Gas and Grill gas station. This Fort Worth hidden gem is known for having some of the friendliest staff who are eager to welcome customers. If you are trying their amazing food for the first time, we highly recommend their Birria De Res; cosommè-dipped corn tortillas filled with shredded beef. On top, melted house blend of cheeses, Served with a side of cilantro, onion, lime, and consommè. This order comes with three tacos and only costs $10! 

If you are looking for vegan options, look no further, they also offer a vegan menu as well. For the price of $4.75, try their Baja “Fish” Taco. Baja is a crispy banana blossom with red cabbage, cilantro, tomato, roasted corn, and chipotle crema on a tortila. When you go there be sure to ask them about their monthly specials and their seasonal agua frescas. You can find Mariachi’s open from Tuesday through Saturday at 11 am to 9 pm.

Salsa Limón

Salsa Limón is known for its Mexico City-style tacos. They love to push the limits on their flavors to be at the highest level. When visiting, Salsa Limon check out their lengua, which is a beef tongue that is slow-simmered in peppercorn and aromatic herbs. If the beef tongue is not your thing, no worries because they have much more to offer on their menus such as burritos, salsita salad, and a vegetarian option that has creamy avocado and whole black beans. No matter where you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area because Salsa Limón has over six locations all over the city, including one by TCU’s campus that just opened. You can find all the locations listed below:

4200 S. Fwy Suite 1099 Fort Worth, Tx.

411 N. Akard St. Dallas, Tx.

550 Throckmorton St. Fort Worth, Tx.

1465 W. Magnolia Ave. Fort Worth, Tx.

5012 White Settlement Rd. Fort Worth, Tx.

925 University Dr. Fort Worth, Tx.

Paco’s Mexican Cuisine

Paco’s is a family owned business that serves up authentic Mexican food. Their recipes have been passed down by family members for generations that go back to their home town of Pachuca, Hidalgo. They have created a menu that is full of flavors from urban Mexico to the coastal regions of Mexico. If you are a big seafood fan, you are in luck. Here they offer a bunch of different types of seafood options that include their spicy shrimp tacos, red snapper tacos, salmon enchilada and much more. If you’re not a seafood fan, no worries because they have just a much to offer such as their pork carnitas tacos and brisket tacos, just to name a few. 


Although you cannot dine in as of right now, you can order take out and catering is available as well. You can find this unique restaurant at 1508 W. Magnolia Ave. Fort Worth, Tx.

Joe T. Garcias

Joe T. Garcias has been a family-owned restaurant since July 4, 1935. In the beginning, they did not have more than a 16 seat capacity but due to not only the love of Mrs. Garcia’s enchiladas and her homemade tortillas but also the love that people had for Mr. Joe T. himself, the restaurant began to quickly expand to the 1,000 seat capacity they are at today. By 1953, Mr. Garcia passed away and his younger daughter, Hope, and her mother took over the business and has been running it since. If you are looking to go there for brunch, they are open Saturday through Sunday from 11 am to 3 PM. THEY Serve up the best Chilaquiles which is strips of corn tortillas sautéed with eggs and a mild tomato sauce, that is also baked with cheese and served with a side of refried beans and Mexican-style potatoes. 

If you are going during lunch or dinner hours, you must try would be the family-style dinner; serves two cheese nacho appetizers, two cheese enchiladas, rice, beans, two beef tacos, guacamole, and corn tortillas. Too much food? You can order the small dinner which is the same thing but instead of two of everything, you get one of everything. If you are not feeling that, their beef and/or chicken fajitas is another great option. While you are there, be sure to check out their famous house margaritas, you will not be disappointed. You can visit Joe T. Garcias during any day of the week at 2201 N. Commerce St. Fort Worth, TX. Be sure to check their times that they are open since they are known to close during the day for a few hours. 


From Monday through Thursday, they are open from 11 am to 2:30 pm and reopen from 5 pm to 10 pm. On Fridays and Saturdays, their hours are from 11 am to 11 pm and on Sundays from 11 am to 10 pm.

Esperanza’s Bakery and Cafe

Esperanza’s Bakery and Cafe is a small business that opened right across the street from Joe T. Garcias. It was opened in 1981 by the Garcia family in hopes to create more jobs for their family members. They named it Esperanza’s after their daughter Hope and was made to be completely different from their original restaurant that has a wide range of food options. The best thing about this place is that they serve breakfast foods all day which means you can have some of the best breakfast tacos in Fort Worth anytime you want. If you are visiting during lunch time, our favorite is the flour tortilla taco plate, which is two flour tortillas filled with either chicken or beef fajita with lettuce, pico de gallo and cheese. 

If you are looking for a good dinner head over to their Park Place location since they are the only location that serves dinner and check out their taco plate. You can find Esperanza’s at two different locations: 2122 North Main St. Fort Worth, Tx and at 1601 Park Place Ave. Fort Worth, Tx. . If you are visiting their Main St. location be sure to check their hours because they are opened everyday at 6:30 am but close early at 7 pm.

Melis Taqueria

If you are looking for a one of a kind place, look no further than Melis Taqueria. Many locals know this restaurant as a “hole in the wall.” They are known to have the best street tacos in all of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. If you’re not paying attention, you might pass this place not knowing what you are missing out on. When looking for something to try, everyone recommends their barbacoa tacos. 

This taco restaurant is not like your usual sit down and eat your food type of place. To order you have to walk up to the window on the back porch. One thing that you need to know before you try this place is that they are a cash only type of place, so make sure you have money on you before you go. Melis Taqueria is located at 4304 W Vickery Blvd. and are open everyday from 7am to 9:30pm.

Taco Heads

Taco Heads is a unique taco shop that was started by a Sarah Castillo and her mother, Tinie. Sarah had a vision on “create the prefect taqueria experience” and her mother quickly fell in love with the idea. Together they made Taco Heads in 2008 which is now a food truck that they park out in the Cultural District of Fort Worth at 1812 Montgomery st. In 2017, Sarah brought on Christian Lehrmann as a chef and together they have been serving the Dallas/Fort Worth with the best breakfast tacos. When checking out this restaurant be sure to try their beer-braised carnitas, or if you are going in the morning, try their A-La Texacana. Be sure to also stop by on a Monday and participate on their $5 Margarita Mondays. Taco Heads is open everyday at 7 am to 10 pm but close at 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

Frezko Taco Shop

3409 N Tarrant Pkwy

Frezko Taco Shop was founded by Eliazar Salinas III who wanted to share his family’s Chicano cuisine with friends and family all over the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Salinas got all of his recipes from his great-grandmother had has spent a lifetime preparing them to share with others. Frezko’s is known for their heart street tacos and makes it a point to make sure that every taco is served with the freshest ingredients. When visiting, be sure to try their Baja Shrimp Tacos and the agua frescas. You can visit this taco shop at two locations, one being at 5101 TX-121 suite 100 The Colony and the other at 3409 N. Tarrant pkwy.

The Velvet Taco

2700 W 7th St. Fort Worth – and many other locations in the DFW area

The Velvet Taco was made off the idea that tacos do not have to be associated with “Tex-Mex.” They even make sure that every taco is made with the same quality ingredients and care that you would get at a fine dining restaurant. At the Velvet Taco, they make all their tacos with the freshest ingredients available and even slow roast their own chicken and corn. They even make it a point to make sure that everything they make is from scratch, making all of their tacos and other menu items taste amazing. Some recommendations we have are to try their green chile pork taco, this is a gluten-free option for those on a certain diet. 

Food options at Velvet

The poblano strips and the tomatillo corn stewed pork make this taco taste out of this world. Another one would be the spicy tikka chicken taco. This taco is filled with flavor with Thai basil along with spicy tikka sauce and basmati rice. If you are looking for a vegan option, we suggest the fried paneer or the Nashville hot tofu. Lastly, the slow-roasted Angus brisket. In this taco, they serve the brisket in a barbacoa style that tastes amazing served with the red chile mayo and queso. You can find the Velvet Taco at numerous locations listed below but be sure to check their business hours since they vary at each location.

Addison – 15204 Dallas Pkwy Dallas, Tx

Fort Worth – 2700 W 7th St. Fort Worth, Tx

Greenville – 4622 Greenville Ave Dallas, Tx

Knox/Henderson – 3012 N. Henderson Ave Dallas, Tx

Legacy Hall – 7800 Windrose Ave Plano, Tx

Plano – 5013 W Park Blvd Plano, Tx

Preston/Forest – 11700 Preston Rd Suite 600 Dallas, Tx

Richardson – 102 W Campbell Rd Richardson, Tx

Uptown – 3411 McKinney Ave Dallas, Tx

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Story by Madelyn Shutack, Campus Live Intern

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