The Best Margaritas in Fort Worth

Where to Get the Best Margaritas in Fort Worth, TX

We’ve all had a long day, and what’s better than to take a load off enjoying a cold margarita? Fort Worth has some of the best margarita options in Texas, and they are calling your name. At most of the places listed, you can not only grab a tasty beverage, but also enjoy the best of a Tex-Mex restaurant with tacos, chips and salsa, and more! Check out where you can find your booze fix in and around Fort Worth, Tx.


Head to the one and only, Chimy’s on Foch st for their original favorite margaritas in Fort Worth. Get a classic margarita on the rocks, tequila, salt rim, and fresh lime juice. If you’re feeling frisky, order a frozen margarita schooner with a beer flipped upside down for an extra kick. Chimy’s offers a variety of margaritas to choose from fit to your liking and won’t disappoint with their delicious flavors. Be careful though, these margaritas pack a powerful punch!

Not only can you order drinks, but you can also sit back and enjoy the atmosphere with live music, patio seating, and good bar food, such as tacos and nachos to share.

Rio Mambo

Rio Mambo is a Mexican restaurant located by loop 820 in Fort Worth. They are well known for having their original rocks blue and frozen margaritas. They are both made with 100% blue agave and Grand Marnier. The margs are then topped off with a nice salt coat and fresh lime garnishing. If you want to ‘mix’ it up a bit, their menu offers blended frozen margaritas; Choose options made from peach, strawberry, mango, and pineapple.

This is the place to go if you are tired of having the same old margarita you can find anywhere else. Rio Mambo has the perfect selection of specialty margaritas that will make your taste buds tingle and take you to paradise.


Pappasito’s restaurant knows tequila and is highly regarded for its homemade margaritas. For perfect quality margs, Pappasito’s has Corazón Reposado tequila as their very own selection for the bar; You can only find it at Pappasito’s. On their menu, you can explore their own creations, such as The Wave and Baja Smash. Every drink is garnished with either a sweet or sour fruit and your choice of salt or sugar rim.

If you need to slow down a bit, share and enjoy chips and salsa to get you ready for the next round. Also, you can check out their food menu for tacos, fajitas, and favorite Mexican dishes.

Blue Mesa

Looking for a good place for happy hour in Fort Worth, Tx? Blue Mesa Mexican restaurant has you covered with their full tequila bar Tues-Fri, 3 pm-6:30 pm happy hour. Mesa has one of the best margarita selections made with premium tequila, hand-squeezed juices, fresh fruit, and organic agave nectar. The best part about Mesa margs is that you can choose any of them to be either on the rocks or frozen.

If you are looking for something sweet, try their boozy limonada made with fresh lemon, lime, strawberries, and agave nectar. Want to get creative? Spice your night up with the cucumber jalapeno smash made with Milagro Silver and finished with a tajin rim.

Muy Frio Margaritas

Muy Frio is a one-stop-shop for margaritas and daiquiris in Fort Worth, Tx. Every drink is made with high-quality tequila and ingredients blended to perfection for known flavors and their very own inventions. Muy Frio rotates their selections now and then to keep the menu fresh for margarita lovers. They mostly have original flavors such as mango, strawberry, coconut, cherry, and peach.

If you want to take a boatload home, grab a 64 oz—tub of margarita to go. They also have small and medium to-go sizes as well. They have the option to add ‘add ons’ like cream, sangria, chamoy, and tajin.

Joe. T Garcias

Joe. T Garcias in Fort Worth, Tx takes your breath away with their beautiful patio set and the best margaritas. Garcia’s takes off on a Mexican twist with their house margaritas and margarita spins. Each one is blended with excellence for the perfect night out with friends and family. If you are trying to watch the figure, they make skinny Orignal margarita or frozen margaritas. Indulge yourself with their special Gold margarita, made with top-shelf tequila, lime juice, and fresh blends.

Each margarita can be served on the rocks or frozen, depending on what you’re feeling. Also, enjoy a side of chips and salsa to go along with your beverage. Nothing like the combination of sweet and spicy!

Los Vaqueros

The next place on our list is Los Vaqueros, a Mexican restaurant in Forth Worth, Tx. Los Vaqueros is known for their wide selection of favorite Mexican dishes and their good margaritas. Try their sangria margarita or their skinny margarita served with Silver tequila, blended with hand-squeezed fresh lime juice, and agave nectar. If you are free Wednesday night, join them for their all-day happy hour on half-priced on the rocks and frozen margaritas.

Since Covid started, Los Vaqueros has been counting on drink and food purchases to go to children who have been affected by the virus. If you want to help the cause, order a margarita and tacos to give back to those who need your help!

Mexican Inn Cafe

If you are looking for drinks that won’t break the bank, head to Mexican Inn Cafe. They serve $6 margaritas all day, every day. Even though they are original on the rocks or frozen, they are made with one of the best tasting tequila around Fort Worth. If you want to add flavor to your life, order their sangria margarita; combined with the perfect amount of wine to get you to want to dance.

Mexican Inn Cafe uses aged tequila to make sure every drink is smooth and less bitter. The older the tequila, the better they taste!


Chuy’s in Fort Worth is a staple for having the best margaritas around. They have their famous signature margarita and blend. You can choose from on the rocks or frozen. Also, if you like strawberries, you can order the swirl margarita to add a punch. Can’t decide between beer or a margarita? No worries, order the Chuy’s brew; a frozen marg topped with a 7 oz Coronita for the best of both worlds.

Don’t forget to try their homemade blend of el Jimador Silver tequila, red wine, triple sec, fresh fruit juices, and Monin Blueberry syrup mixed well into their signature margarita. If you want to do it like granny, order Grandma’s Rockin Rita, Served in our pint glass with 1800 Silver tequila and extra Grand Marnier to smooth it out.


Last on our list is Cristina’s Mexican restaurant in Fort Worth. This establishment amazes you with its exotic drinks that maintain a perfect balance of sweet and tart. It is refreshing to enjoy a drink made with blackberries, strawberries, pineapple, and coconut water. Try something new with the blackberry margarita; with el Jimador 100% Blue Agave Silver Tequila, ChambordBlack Raspberry Liqueur, and sweet and sour mix.

If you can’t take the sugar, the Skinny Margaritas are light and the calorie-conscious crowd will approve of the great tasting mix of the tropics. Take it back to the basics and get their signature Exclusive margarita; Hand Selected by Cristina Herradura Double Barrel Reposado, Cointreau, fresh lime juice, and agave nectar. Take your drinks to the patio to enjoy the fresh air and kick it back.

The Night is Still Young!

Take a weekend to explore the different options around Fort Worth. I promise these places listed above will not disappoint. Grab your friends and family and show them how much you know about margaritas and where to get the best in town.

Finally, please reach out to us if you think we missed an important margarita that didn’t make this list at [email protected]!

Story by: Michelle Meyer, Campus Live intern

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