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Top 4 Places in Fort Worth to Spice Up Your Date Night.

Is date night routine getting a bit boring? Spice it up with these fun ideas for your upcoming date night around Fort Worth!

For the Foodies:

Simply Fondue located on west 4th street in lively Sundance square you can enjoy a night out with your special other dipping various meats and vegetables into tasty cheeses. A personal favorite of mine is the Fontina. It is a vegetable based platter but also comes with bacon and baked artisan bread. All to be dipped in warm Italian fontina and Gruyere cheese. This place definitely has the eats but it also has the atmosphere. The dimly lit and dark oak furnishings offer you a romantic and personable experience. Whether it’s the 1st date or 100th it’s hard to beat good conversation over wine and melted cheese at Simply Fondue.

For the Sports Enthusiast:

Top Golf near the United Riverside district is hard to miss. This place has it all, food, drinks and yes golf. It’s okay if you’re game needs a little work, you don’t have to be a professional golfer to enjoy a night out here. Win or lose its nothing that Moscow Mules or Pretzel boards can’t fix. This place can get busy so make sure to make a reservation! Top golf is great for groups and couples who enjoy competitive outings with good food and drinks to enjoy after. I recommend seeing what all the hype you’ve heard is actually all about.

For the Deep Thinkers:

Fort Worth is rich with culture and no place better displays this than the Kimball Art Museum. Current exhibitions include Monet, Balenciaga, and Goya. With a heavy hitting line up like that the Kimball is sure to provide its guest with thought provoking’s images that you can dissect for hours. A great place to take your significant other for a serene outing full of history, art, and architecture worth admiring. If you’re a fan of more abstract art I would also recommend seeing the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. The architecture alone of this building is worth a visit, let alone the art inside.

For the Movie Critics:

Coyote Drive-In might be the coolest place to see a movie in Fort Worth. Doesn’t get much better watching a double feature under the big Texas Sky. Coyote Drive-In offers a trip back to a different time all the while screening the newest movies out! Make sure to stack up on popcorn and candy at the concessions for optimal viewing pleasure. This is a very simple concept but the atmosphere carries it a long way. Toss a mattress in the back of an old truck and enjoy quality time at this must-see place in Fort Worth.