Haunted Places in Fort Worth

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Haunted Locations In and Around Fort Worth

In Fort Worth, October is not the only month out of the year where one can go visit haunted sites, cemeteries full of ghosts, and tell spooky ghost stories. For all the people out there who are fans of ghosts or anything haunted and love a good scare, this article might just creep up on you. Here are some of the top haunted places in and near the Fort Worth Texas Area. But warning, you might encounter a ghost along the way, so only proceed if you dare.

Stockyards Hotel

The Stockyards Hotel provides its guests with an Old West, Texas-style feel due to its decoration, service, and restaurant cuisine. This hotel is located at 109 E Exchange Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76164, in the National Historic District of Fort Worth.

The hotel first opened its doors to guests in 1907, around 114 years ago. So, it comes as no surprise that it has had its handful of emblematic guests. Most famously, the criminal couple, Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker.

Bonnie and Clyde stayed at this Hotel in 1933 during their criminal days of committing robberies, burglaries, and several murders, right before they were ultimately killed in 1934.

The best part about this hotel is that it allows guests to book, what they have named The Bonnie and Clyde Suite. According to the hotel’s website, this suite is the same exact room that had previously been occupied by the murderous young couple who died soon after. The room includes a king-size bed, historical artifacts, and even a poem written by Bonnie for Clyde.

But what makes this place even more spooky is the multitude of reports made by guests who believe to have personally witnessed paranormal activity during their stay. Guests have said that the water and lights randomly turn on and off. Some have reported feeling the presence of spirits and ghosts, as well as other strange activities.

The hotel remains open and guests can currently book the actual Bonnie and Clyde Suit, or any other room and suit within the hotel’s top premises. One can make a reservation or request further information by calling (817) 625-6427 or visiting their website at

if you’re in DFW come spend the night at this emblematic ghostly hotel if you are brave enough.

Miss Molly’s Hotel

Another hotel within the Fort Worth Stockyards is Miss Molly’s Hotel. Located at 109 W Exchange Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76164, it’s right in the middle of the Stockyards. This hotel is full of antiques, western charm, and true Texas home-style hospitality. They want their guests to get the full old west experience by not providing TVs or phones in any of the rooms.

This historical hotel has lived through multiple eras. Originally, it was established as a boarding house in 1910. Then became a bordello in the 1940s and a speak-easy, until it ultimately became Miss Molly’s Hotel.

Miss Molly’s Hotel has an extensive history and antiquity. So it comes as no surprise that it has been claimed to be one of the most haunted establishments in the state of Texas due to its extensive paranormal activity sightings. Various guests have claimed to have experienced and seen paranormal activities during their stay. Activities like multiple apparitions, displacement of objects, lights switching on and off, strange noises, random cold spots. Even reports of having felt the presence of someone near them when the room is empty, among other things.

The hotel only has eight rooms, all themed to authentically resemble the old west. As a result, booking a night can be a bit difficult due to their high demand during the tourist season. One can still do a quick visit to the premises while in town nonetheless. If you are wanting to make a reservation, visit the premises. If you want further information, visit their website at, call (817) 626-1522, or email them at [email protected].

Fort Worth Zoo

The Fort Worth Zoo is Fort Worth’s local zoo founded in 1909. According to their website, it is considered the number one zoo in the nation. The zoo is located at 1989 Colonial Pkwy, Fort Worth, TX 76110 and showcases all kinds of wildlife for visitor’s viewing.

When we think of zoos, most of us are taken back to our young childhood days. We reminisce over all the great and fun memories we have with our loved ones while visiting. So, many may wonder, why is the nation’s number one zoo on the list of Fort Worth’s most haunted places?

Well, what some do not know is that a former zookeeper died within the zoo’s premises while on the job. The story says that zookeeper, Mr. Bell, was accidentally crushed by a four-ton bull elephant while trying to move a group of bull-elephants into a different enclosure.

Many visitors and employees of the Fort Worth Zoo believe Mr. Bell’s spirit never left the zoo’s premises. They claim to have seen his spirit walking around, especially near the elephant and zebra exhibits, and still claim so to this day.

One can find further information, purchase tickets, or make reservations to visit the Fort Worth Zoo by going on their webpage at or call (817) 759-7555.

The Castle of Heron Bay

The Castle of Heron Bay is a beautiful olden day castle that overlooks Lake Worth. The castle is located at 9115 Heron Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76108.

This castle is known by various different names. For example, Lake Worth Castle, Inverness Castle, Whiting Castle, and many more, but it is most commonly known as The Castle of Heron Bay.

The land belonging to the Castle of Heron Bay was said to have been purchased in the 1860s. However, the current castle was not built until the early 19th century, although the exact dates are unknown.

Legend has it that the original owner and builder of the land had purchased this land to build a home for him and his soon-to-be wife. Curiously, on the day of their wedding, the bride’s lifeless body was found drowned and floating in the lake. It was never determined if the death was an accident or foul play. Curiously, people became highly suspicious when the former groom married his fiance’s sister a short month after the incident.

Throughout the years, many witnesses have stated to have seen a woman in what looks like a white wedding dress, roaming around the castle and the lake.

In the 1920s, years after the death of this woman, the castle was said to have become a casino for poker players. In one of the many games, it is said that a player won the castle and proceeded to build on to it until 1940.

The Story Continues…

But the story does not stop there. Once the new owner had finished the castle and moved in with his family, his youngest son ended up committing suicide. The reasons are said to be unknown. Witnesses say they have seen the son’s face lurking through the windows of the haunted castle to this day after years of the incident.

After the son’s suicide, the castle was put up for lease. In the 1970s, efforts were made to restore the castle, but the restorations were burned down during a suspicious fire.

From then on, the castle has had various owners, but mysteriously none stayed for very long. Nowadays, one can still admire this haunting castle, but only from across the lake since no one is allowed inside.

Millermore Mansion at Dallas Heritage Village

The Millermore Mansion at Dallas Heritage Village is located at 1515 South Harwood St. Dallas, TX 75215, standing among many 19th-century Victorian and pioneer homes, and historic buildings in Old City Park.

The Millermore was built in 1855 by the former owner, William Brown Miller. The Miller family resided in the home for nearly 100 years. This two-story home is considered to be the largest historic mansion in Dallas, Texas. It’s become popular over the years due to its reported paranormal activity and strange incidents. The Millermore has gained so much traction that it has been visited by various paranormal investigators. TV shows like “Ghosthunters,” and curious tourists have all claimed it to be haunted. The paranormal activity within the mansion’s walls include sightings of a female roaming around the rooms that can be spotted there to this day.

If you find yourself around the Dallas, Fort Worth area wanting to see real-life ghosts and are brave enough to do so, come visit the Millermore at Dallas Heritage Village for a spooky time.

Six Flags Over Texas

Six Flags Over Texas is a famous theme park in Arlington, Texas. It’s located at 2201 E Road to Six Flags St, Arlington, TX 76011, West of Dallas and East of Fort Worth.

This 212-acre theme park opened in 1961 to the public and became the first amusement park from the Six Flags chain.

When we hear the name Six Flags, most of us are taken back. We think of when were young kids watching cartoons and would beg our parents to take us to Six Flags for the day every time we saw the commercial pop-up during the breaks. For most of us, only fun memories come up when you hear the words “amusement park,”. What many may not know or find hard to believe are the secret dark stories that have haunted Six Flags.

When dealing with the heavy machinery of big roller coasters and fast rides, it is inevitable to not have any accidents occur, and Six Flags is not the exception.

Accidents at Six Flags

The first accident happened in 1968. John Raymond Nelson, a ride attendant, lost his balance while loading people into El Sombrero attraction and died. In 1999, a woman boarded the river rafting ride and died when the raft suddenly flipped over. In 2011, another woman was found drowned in Hurricane Harbor’s lazy river. Most recently, in 2013, a woman boarding the New Texas Giant roller coaster accidentally fell out due to a restraint malfunction on her seat.

Because of the various deaths that have taken place at this amusement park, it comes as no surprise that sightings of ghosts and spirits have been reported over the years. The most famous spirit roaming the park is known by the name of “Annie,”. She is said to be a young girl who has been spotted in the Mine Train attraction, as well as other parts of the park.

Despite the ghost sightings and accidents that have been reported in the area, Six Flags still remains a top theme park in Texas. So, do not be afraid and come visit Six Flags while taking a tour around Arlington.

For park hours, ticket prices, rides, or further information, you can visit their website at or call (817) 640-8900.

Thistle Hill in Fort Worth, TX

Thistle Hill, also known as the Wharton-Scott House by DFW locals, is a historic mansion. The mansion was built in 1904, located at 1509 Pennsylvania Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76104

This mansion was Fort Worth’s first known landmark. Also the former home of wealthy cattle barons, it has now become a building for event venues.

Although a beautiful building all around, this three-story house is said to be haunted. During early renovations, workers reported ghostly activity and sightings of spirits. The first sighting that we know of was of a woman said to be dressed in white clothing. She has been spotted on the grand staircase of the house at each sighting. Another reported sighting is the ghost of a man wearing tennis clothes. Workers have also reported hearing ghostly voices and footsteps in empty places of the house. Along with the music coming from the ballroom on the third floor that was closed-off at the time.

Ghost hunters, paranormal investigators, among other people have visited this house. They all have said to feel the presence of ghosts or other inexplicable apparitions and noises around the house, especially at night.

If you are one of those people who is a fanatic of ghost stories, you should visit Thistle Hill. Take a look around the building at night, you might even spot a ghostly figure along the way.

For more information on tours, venue reservations, and prices, you can visit their website at or call (817) 336-1212.

Go Visit Fort Worth’s Most Haunted Places

So, what are you waiting for? Build yourself up with courage and go visit one of your favorite places on the list. If you are feeling extra brave and adventurous, you can even tour around all these haunted places in a day. Just remember to keep your eyes wide open for any ghosthunting that might arise.

Story By: Fernanda Tronco

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