Top 3 Summer 2020 Fashion Trends

Okay ladies, we know the past few months have been a little weird but if you’re anything like us, you’re ready to shop! The season of sunshine and water is here and summer time has kicked off! Summer fashion begins with confidence. That being said, loving and embracing yourself is the place to start. It’s always fun to try something new and it might just give you the confidence boost of a lifetime. Here are three summer fashion trends we are seeing this season.

Sporty Summer

For our first look, we want to make everyone as comfortable as possible. There is nothing better than the comfort of leggings. Athleisure is a constant trend that can be explored in many different areas. Leggings come in many different patterns and colors to rock all summer. But the best part? Activewear can be worn daily disregarding if you went to the gym or the grocery store. It has become a staple with women of all ages being able to be comfortable and confident. The possibilities are endless and stylish. You can style them as a set, with a fun tee, or even a crop top! Girl, throw your hair up and go on with your day in comfort! This is probably the most functional outfit summertime has to offer,  so enjoy it while it lasts!

Crop Till You Drop

For our next look, the infamous crop top. Now, we know this can be intimidating if you have never worn one before, but showing a little skin can be liberating. Not to mention, crop tops can be extremely comfortable too! Some of the current trends we are seeing on and offline are one shoulder tops or even a simple cropped graphic tee. We are also seeing two-piece sets coming in full force. Sets can be simple lounge wear or a skirt and top! In addition to the absolute comfort of the breathable fabric that can get you through the hottest of days. It’s super simple and thoughtless to toss on. Spice up your look and add whatever accessories you want. Cropped tops are simple and your possibilities are truly endless.

Tie-Dye Dreams

For our last look, we are loving all the tie dye! Tie dye has taken over in all shapes and forms, from tube tops to comfy lounge sets! We have also seen tie-dye and bleaching trends swarm across apps like TikTok and Instagram. Tie-Dye is perfect for the summer and brings that fun pop of color or a variety of colors into your summer wardrobe! A statement tie-dye tee can be easily tossed over your swimsuit as you are laying poolside too! Shoes and handbags are another way to bring tie-dye into an outfit without wearing it in a top or bottom! Tie-dye is bold but remember, fashion is always a risk worth taking!

Story by: Angela Ramirez – Campus Live Creative Media & PR Intern & Karson Villanueva- Piper Manager/Creative Media