Best BBQ in Fort Worth

an assortment of sausage, pickles onions, potato salad and various meats

Best BBQ in Cowtown

Cowtown, also known as Fort Worth, lives up to having the best BBQ around Texas. If you like smoked meat, flavorful ribs, and spicy sausage, Fort Worth is the perfect place for your next BBQ night out. You will favor the flavor from open fire pits to brisket, pulled pork, sauce, & spice. On this list, you will come across some of the best barbecue in Fort Worth and should be next on your list of restaurants to visit.

Panther City BBQ

Panther City BBQ started as a food truck and quickly became popular in the Fort Worth area. Once they realized the number of people who love their BBQ, they decided to break ground and built a permanent spot at 201 E Hattie St, Fort Worth, TX 76104.

Panther City BBQ is top-notch with their meats being cooked on-site in their 100% Post-Oakwood smoker. Smoking their meats on Oakwood allows for a mild smokey flavor without an overpowering taste and a good balance of meaty flavors. Besides their pork ribs, chicken, and smoky sausage, they are known for their pork belly jalapeno poppers and famous brisket elote. If you don’t know what brisket elote is, you will learn everything about it after one bite. Let’s not forget the fantastic sides they have to offer their guests; creamy mac and cheese, creamed corn, potato salad, and bacon beans.

Derek Allan’s BBQ

Just like Panther City, Derek Allan’s BBQ parked their food truck in local businesses’ parking lots. Once their food rose to fame, they took their truck and turned it into a location at 1116 8th Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76104.

Derek Allan’s BBQ is a no-frills barbecue joint for Central Texas-style smoked meats and sandwiches. Even though their menu is small and concise, their food is big in size and good in flavor. If you have a taste for the best, try their craft grind 100% Wagyu beef, handmade cheddar cheese sausage, garlic, and fresh spices. Don’t forget about ribs, chicken, brisket, and pulled pork. BBQ is more than just meat slices; dive into the ‘Bless Your Heart’ sandwich made with brisket, sausage, pork, slaw, and pickled onions. Have a big stomach? Make some room for their chipotle mac and cheese, pinto beans, and cheesy bacon grits.

Daynes Craft Barbecue

Next on the list, Daynes Craft barbecue located at 2735 W 5th St, Fort Worth, TX 76107. As of now, they are not dine-in due to COVID. Don’t worry; they still do take out and are worth the delivery fee. If you want to check out the menu, head to

Daynes Craft Barbecue started as an underground joint in the neighborhood of Fort Worth. They sold out every Sunday and decided to take it a step further by opening a real restaurant. Today, Dayne’s Craft Barbecue is a staple at Lola’s Trailer Park & Saloon in Fort Worth, where you get the perfect combination of food and entertainment. Their menu consists of prime brisket, pork spare ribs, half chickens, and bacon ribs. If you like spice, try their flamin’ hot street corn with spicy elote topped with cojita cheese crumbles, Flamin’ Hot Cheeto dust, topped with crema drizzle.

Heim Barbecue

Heim Barbecue’s original location is at 1109 W Magnolia Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76104. They are committed to serving the community meat and produce with their “farm to smoker” philosophy. Everything is cooked with the freshest ingredients to ensure a great BBQ experience.

As Heim continues to grow, they opened a Heim Barbecue restaurant on the River at 5333 White Settlement Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76114. Their menu provides great-tasting BBQ options and innovative choices like the HEIMburger menu, homemade seasonal cobblers, hand pies, beer-battered onion rings, and more. The bar at Heim Barbecue on the River offers 24 draft beer choices, craft cocktails, frozen drinks, and an extensive wine list; plenty of options to make you want to stay awhile on the patio. In the mood for something sweet? Try their cobbler of the day or Emma’s banana pudding.

Railhead Smokehouse

The original Railhead Smokehouse located off Montgomery street is another Fort Worth staple and considered one of the state’s best barbeque joint. Railhead continues the traditional slow-smoked barbecue pit to make your taste buds go insane.

Railhead Smokehouse offers endless options for you to enjoy their Texas barbecue. From chopped beef, smoked chicken, bologna, and even salami, you will find something to your liking. Railhead is more than just BBQ; indulge yourself with their all-you-can-eat catfish, grilled salmon, and boneless ribeyes if you don’t fancy traditional BBQ. Want to try something new and unique? Order their fried cheesecake served with cinnamon ice cream and chocolate sauce or their home-made chocolate sheet cake to hit the spot.

Cooper’s Old-time Pit Bar-Be-Que

Cooper’s Old-time Pit Bar-Be-Que has been home to the “BIG CHOP” since 1962. They have served thousands over the year with their family-owned and operated restaurant. Cooper has a wide selection of meats from you to choose from. Grab yourself some beef, chicken, jerky, brisket, and beef ribs. If you don’t want just meat, try their amazing chopped beef sandwich smothered in sweet barbecue sauce. If you have a sweet tooth, get their peach, blueberry, apple, and pecan cobbler, or a simple ice cream sandwich.

Cooper’s in Fort Worth offers a unique experience with their long picnic tables to allow friends and family to enjoy the old-style backyard barbecue vibe. If you need more space, their party room is open for your next special occasion or celebration. Want to reserve the party room? Go to to set it up.

Shady Oak Barbecue & Grill

Next up, Shady Oak Barbecue & Grill, located at 6364 Sandshell Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76137. Come and check out their ultra-rustic stone barn, open outdoor seating, and weekly live music. Their menu is very extensive and offers options for everyone and anyone. Choose from salads, meat combos, dinner specialties, sandwich items, and of course; they don’t forget about the kids.

Shady Oak lives up to the classic Texas smoked BBQ-styled meats and sides. Pick from great selections like pork belly, brisket, turkey, ham, ribs, and traditional sausage. Get their french fries, savory rice, spicy beans, fried okra, and mashed potatoes to go along with your choice of meats. Don’t pass up on their rich, gooey chocolate brownie-like cake served hot and topped with Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream and walnuts. Take it back to the basics and get their peach or blueberry cobbler topped with ice cream. YUM!

Smokey’s BBQ

Smokey’s BBQ, located at 5300 E Lancaster Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76112, is one of many acclaimed Texas barbecue joints with a simple menu and weekend breakfast. Even though they don’t offer a fancy dine-in experience, their good food will blow you away. Pick from meat platters, family dinners, brisket sandwiches, or ribs. If you want to take a bunch home, order by the pound to keep for later. Like people say, leftovers are the best way to enjoy the best food.

If you bring the family along, choose 1 pound of any of their choice meats. Pick from brisket, chicken, jalapeno sausage, pulled pork, or a rack of ribs. Along with the choice of meat, get two quarts of a side, four homemade buns, two-liter drinks, BBQ sauce, and Pickles & onions. Make room for dessert as you try Smokey’s homemade buttermilk pies by the slice or banana pudding.

Brix Barbecue

At 218 Bryan Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76104, Brix Barbecue is a Texas-inspired BBQ joint “smoked with love.” Big T, the Brix owner, was originally from Chicago and instantly fell in love with real Texas cookin’. Their food is lip-licking good and is one of the best places to get your BBQ fix. Brix is the hot spot for the best spicy chicken burgers, pulled brisket tacos, wings, and ribs that fall off the bone.

Take it up a notch by adding their home-made spicy ranch sauce that pairs perfectly with any meal and sides of your choice. Speaking of sides, get their baked beans, hot fries, crispy chips, and queso.

Cousins BBQ

This BBQ spot opened their doors in 1983 and continue to carry on the family traditions of “low and slow” cooking and recipes handed down for generations. Cousins BBQ has four locations in the Fort Worth area and committed to supplying Cowtown with the highest quality food to keep you coming back.

treat yourself to their sliced brisket, German sausage, Jalapeno links, boneless chicken breast, and pork ribs. Keep it healthy by getting cobb or caesar salad topped with a choice of chicken breast or beef. Don’t miss their extra favorites, such as their brisket baked potato, chopped baked potato, or frito pie topped with chopped beef.

Woodshed Smokehouse Restaurant

Last, on the list, Woodshed Smokehouse, located at 3201 Riverfront Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76107. Owner and chef, Tim Love, is all things grilled, slow-cooked, and roasted. Woodshed features a daily rotating selection of beef, lamb, pork, cabrito, wild game, fish, and vegetables. Enjoy his signature food in their dining room or on the patio looking out onto the Trinity River in the perfect location.

Join them for breakfast on Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m to 11 a.m. Spread your wings and try their chicken and waffles, a savory poblano gravy, and pickled chilies. Another good breakfast choice is their 2 eggs any way, borracho beans, smoked sausage, bacon, and crispy potatoes. For lunch and dinner, order their bulgogi beef, smoked pork, pork ribs, brisket, and lamb brisket.

Get your BBQ on!

There you have it! You now know where to find the best BBQ in Fort Worth. All of the places listed above are open for business and ready for you to try their personal twists on good Texas favorites. Don’t wait to get yourself or your family the best of the best.

Story by Michelle Meyer, Campus Live Intern

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