Finding Balance: Career & Health

Maybe you just graduated, maybe you’ve been alumni for 20 years.  Either way, it’s never too late to find your balance when it comes to career and health. It’s no secret that staying in shape is a stretch, especially during the work week. Let’s face it getting home, kicking off your shoes and relaxing sounds a hell of a lot better than gearing up for a grueling workout session. So remember these simple 4 tips as the daily grind of life wears you down and obstructs you from your fitness goals and you just may surprise yourself.

Bring Your Lunch

I’m not talking tuna, don’t be the person that microwaves fish, it stinks and you make it hard to like you. So what’s my other option you ask? well as you know, there are thousands of recipes for “lunch prep meals” online but if you’re not willing to sacrifice taste for convenience, then check out these recipes from Gathering Dreams for breakfast and lunch inspiration. Personally I like to stick to the classics. Chicken, spinach, rice, and water. This is it, the fountain of youth, the secret to longevity and your answer to old age. Well, not really but it will keep the extra pounds at bay.

Find Your Gym

Feeling at home is key, you can have the best diet in the world but If you don’t feel at home at your gym then your energy is off and so is your performance. You might not find the ideal gym your first time out and that’s okay. Test out a few in the area and see which one you prefer. Once you find the one you vibe with you’ll be more inclined to get up and go.

Find Purpose

Who are you doing this for? The cutie in cubicle 5 or the client whose tennis invite you’ve missed too many times this summer. Truth is it’s not about either of them, It’s all about you. You won’t get to where you want to be if you’re full of ambition to please others. You don’t have it in the tank, I promise, it’s exhausting. Find your own purpose, your own meaning. Find a personal reason to get yourself to the gym.

Balance Your Life

Balancing social life, work and fitness can be challenging and it’s the reason why you’re still reading. I wish there was some magic recipe I could give you that will automatically help find balance but the truth is, it’s different for everyone. Adopt trail and error, listen to your body. A good sign that you’re spending too much time in one of the three (social life, work, fitness) is stress. Stress from work, Soreness from the gym or just wanting to be alone. Your body lets you know when enough is enough. Tune in and listen carefully and you will find your balance.

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