Young Alumni Tips to Managing Your Crazy Life

We get it; you’re graduated now and have a “super cool” career. Those dreadful years in college have now landed you a big boy/girl job and now you have the awesome privilege of still staying up late working on projects & deadlines, trying to squeeze in time for dating so your mom doesn’t bother you at Thanksgiving, and of course, all of this while trying to maintain a top-shape body.

Welcome to young adulthood. Take a look at our guide to help you manage these things in the best way possible. Don’t forget, you may have that grown up job, but you’re not dead. Take our advice and hopefully you can live a little.

TIP #1

Love what you’re doing in your career. If you start to get the “Sunday blues” where you literally start to get anxiety over Monday morning at work, you’re in the wrong career. Save yourself a lot of stress and find an opportunity that allows you to thrive, develop, and genuinely enjoy what you’re doing for a living. Also, make sure to look at yourself first. Are you simply being lazy and not wanting to put in the work in your career? Often times this could be the reason you’re stressed about going to work. Perhaps you spent too much time surfing the web in the office last week and aren’t prepared for your sales presentation on Monday?

TIP #2

Find a balance. No, really. If you do not find a balance, you will burn yourself out. No matter how much that micromanaging boss gives you the “how bad do you want it speech,” you are not superman/ superwoman. Go into work every single day and give it 110% during your office hours and learn to turn work “off” when your body is telling you it’s running on empty. During this time, enjoy your family and friends, go to that happy hour and quit being boring, or go to the gym! This leads to our next point.

TIP #3

Get a healthy morning routine. Gym time is more important than you may think. Have you ever tried to consistently force yourself to wake up in the morning and get to the gym before work? If you answered no, make yourself do it ASAP. It will change your life. We repeat, it WILL change your life. You will find yourself getting to the office a little bit earlier, more energy throughout the day, and overall just feeling healthier. Do these things and you’ll surely see your productivity skyrocket. Try mixing in a healthy food balance to take this step to the next level.

We hope you enjoyed these quick tips to helping you find a little more balance. Again, remember to live life a little!

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