Where to Hike in Fort Worth

river banks of the Trinity river with a view of the river flowing. The Fort Worth skyline is in the distance as blue skies frame the tallest buildings of the city.
Shot of Trinity River & Downtown Fort Worth

Places to Hike in Fort Worth TX

Fort Worth, Texas has so many things for everyone to enjoy. Hiking has become increasingly popular in Fort Worth over the years. We have created a list of some best places to explore the world of hiking. The Dallas Fort Worth area has many easy trails for beginners and some moderate trails for those who like to try something more difficult. Fort Worth has well over 20 miles of beautiful trails that are perfect for hiking and biking. Many of the sites are embedded in beautiful parks that offer beautiful scenery. Fort Worth has the best hiking trails in North Texas, offering forest trails and some along the water. It is best to hike during the day so many sites are only open while the sun is up. Whether you want to spend all day going the distance or just have a little fun in nature, there is a trail that will match your desired difficulty. You can stroll alongside a river or lake or climb hills

Marine Creek Lake Trail

Located in Marine Creek Lake Park,

2700 NW Loop 820 Fort Worth, TX

This trail is 5.8 miles long and a paved path that is great for biking. This smooth trail wraps around a beautiful lake. The lake features fishing that could be done by boat. The trail offers plenty of interactions with nature and the perfect backdrop for photos. This trail is great for year-round hiking and biking, and it is the perfect walk for dogs, on a leash, of course.

Eagle Mountain Northwest Loop

Located in Eagle Mountain Lake Park

11601 Morris Dido Newark Rd, Fort Worth, TX

This trail is over two miles long and is moderately difficult. Many locals who enjoy this path say it is great for trail running though it is a dirt path. It is full of wildlife and beautiful plant life. This trail does not allow dogs and is not meant to be used as a biking trail. The park is about 400 acres and is perfect for any nature lover. Here you can see animals in their most natural habitat while getting in a nice workout. This trail is known to have snakes and other critters that might be frightening. The landscape is full of Texas history and has a varying elevation that is perfect for experienced hikers. There are various routes among this trail that allow for a short trip or a long one. The park works to preserve the area and ask the guest to be mindful of trash and where they step.

Eagle Mountain Lake Park Trail

Located in Eagle Mountain Lake Park

11601 Morris Dido Newark Rd, Fort Worth, TX

The trail is 7 miles long and is another moderately difficult path. This trail is best when used from March through October due to Texas weather and animals in the area. This trail is a favorite among Fort Worth locals and the hiking community though most do not partake in the trail’s full length.

Trinity Trail Loop

Located along West Fork Trinity River

This trail is 5.6 miles long and is the perfect trail if you’re looking for something with low difficulty and is perfect for dogs. It travels along the Trinity River and also makes a good biking trail. It does not see high traffic and featured a well-paved path with signs to guide you through the loop. There are multiple places to stop and rest while enjoying the beautiful views of Fort Worth.

Lone Wolf and The Dam Drop Trail Loop

Located in Marion Sansom Park

2501 Roberts Cut Off Rd, Fort Worth, TX

This trail is 5.9 miles long and sees light traffic; it is an easy trail and great for all skill levels. This a great trail for mountain biking. The park does require a helmet when partaking in the trails due to its popularity among the mountain biker community. There are miles of trails in the park but this one gets the most visitors due to it being great for any desired difficulty. There are signs along the trail that allow you to explore other options including traveling along Lake Worth.

Speakeasy Loop

Located in Marion Sansom Park

2501 Roberts Cut Off Rd, Fort Worth, TX

This trail is 2.5 miles long and sees heavy traffic. There is a waterfall along the trail which offers the perfect photo opportunity. This trail is one that is great for those on foot but is also one of the main biking trails in the park. This hike offers minimal changes in elevation and is easy for any beginning hiker. It is also connected to the other trails so hikers can truly explore the area.

Fort Worth Nature Center

9601 Fossil Ridge Road, Fort Worth, TX 

The Fort Worth Nature Center has a trail for anyone in your crew. This a great way to hike through nature and feel like you have been transported to another place. They have short trails if you just want to take the little ones out and they have longer ones if you really want to get into a good hike. You can experience different animals in their habitats as you travel from the forest to the grasslands.

Cedar Hills State Park

1570 FM1382, Cedar Hill, TX

This state park is located near the Fort Worth area and allows for a fun day with the family and nature. Many bird-watching groups visit throughout the year to view one of the 200 species that live in the park. The park host events throughout the warm season also such as camps and group hiking trips. There is a cost to visit the park but it is all worth it once see the beautiful views that the land holds and experience the different trails which cater to every hiker.

You can take a trip to any one of these trails and have a fun day outing with the family, a hiking group, mountain biking crew, or even go trail running alone to get in touch with nature. The lengths of these trails range from one mile to many miles so whatever you’re looking for, you’re will find it in Fort Worth, Texas. Most of the parks have a paved trail but for those who prefer to rough it on natural terrain, there are a few trails for you.

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Story by Fernanda Tronco

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