Fresh Food at Fort Worth Farmers Market

Enjoy fresh goods at the Clearfork Farmers Market

This Saturday June 20th, The Clearfork Farmers Market will be up and running. You can check out all the vendors at 4801 Edwards Ranch Road, Ft. Worth, Texas from 8:00AM to 12:00PM. There will be new vendors and returning vendors, plenty of fresh produce, amazing food, and unique art. The Clearfork Farmers Market is located in beautiful Clearfork right on the riverfront of Trinity Trails. You truly feel like a book character when you’re shopping around in the picture perfect landscape.


The Clearfork Farmers Market  began in 2016. Their goal was to connect local producers ( of art, crafts, and food) with local consumers. The Clearfork Farmers Market  has only grown and expanded since 2016. The farmers market season is usually year round for The Clearfork Farmers Market, but due to COVID-19 they began on May 9th this year and they plan to have one every Saturday from here on out.

But, why is it important to attend the farmers market?

First of all, it is vital in supporting the local economy. By purchasing local produce, cheeses, and meats you support a local producer, who is then able to invest their money back into our local economy. Another benefit of shopping at your local farmers market is the ability to get all your questions answered. This allows you to be informed, ask about the growing practices, and maybe get some tips on the best way to use their product! You are guaranteed fresh produce at The Clearfork Farmers Market . Lastly, the farmers market helps build a sense of community in Fort Worth. When you are looking at the vendors, eating yummy food from a food truck, and hanging out with your family, you can’t help but be proud to live in Ft. Worth.

The Clearfork Farmers Market has over 30 vendors ranging from farmers to artisans. You can purchase your fruits and vegetables, pick up some fresh flowers, eat some amazing desserts, and get some one of a kind hand-made pottery all in one place! Use your Saturday off to support local businesses and have fun with friends and family. 

Due to COVID-19 concerns, The Clearfork Farmers Market is taking the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe. Make sure to practice social distancing, wear masks and please stay home if you are not feeling well!

The Clearfork Farmers Market is free to the public, so you should definitly check it out this Saturday! The farmers market is family friendly, dog friendly, and a great way to support our beautiful community. We hope to see you this Saturday between 8:00AM and 12:00PM at 4801 Edwards Ranch Road, Ft. Worth, Texas

Story By: Maky Haynes Broadcast/Multimedia for Campus Live

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