Play this Indoor TCU Trivia Game

Try playing this indoor TCU trivia game with family or friends

Being indoors can be a little tough these days. However, the TCU spirit can still lift your soul with this fun trivia game. The game can be played in many forms: family fun, a drinking game, even a virtual game if your single and isolated. We hope you know your TCU history.

Whatever your preference, the Campus Live team has compiled the trivia below for your enjoyment. We’ll go with the format of a drinking game, and the rules are simple.

  • Go in an order.
  • If you answer incorrectly, sip up.
  • Repeat when your turn comes around again but the amount increases by one each time.

The questions are listed below and the answer key requires a little bit of scrolling so don’t cheat. Only scroll to the answer key which shows the current question you’re on without scrolling past it to reveal the answers to the upcoming questions. We hope you enjoy!

TCU Trivia

 1. When was Texas Christian University established?

2. When did TCU join the Big 12?

3. Where do women’s and men basketball play all their home games?

4. When did Amon G Carter stadium open?

5. What conference was TCU apart of prior to joining the Big 12?

6. When was SuperFrog created? 

7. What organization runs the flags and rings the horn bells?

8. What was TCU called before 1902?

9. How many acres does TCU sit on?

10. When did TCU move to Ft. Worth?

11. What years did TCU football win national championships?

12. What two rivalry games does TCU football play in?

13. In 2010, what TCU athletics program became the first all-female squad to win a national championship

14. What other varsity sport does TCU support that is only a women’s program (other than volleyball)?

15. Where can you find the famous Lucky Frog statue that you rub for goodluck?

Answer Key

1. 1873

2. 2012

3. Schollmaier Arena 

4. 1930

5. Mountain West Conference

6. 1979

7. TCU Rangers

8. AddRan

9. 295

10. 1910

11. 1935, 1938

12. The Revivarly, Battle for the Iron Skillet 

13. Womens Rifle

14. Equestrian 

15. Between Sadler and Reed Halls

We hope everyone enjoyed this fun trivia game! Stay well, Horned Frogs Nation.

-The Campus Live Team

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