Top 3 Healthiest Protein Powders.

In 2019 people are concerned about proper nutrition. For good reason, they don’t want unnecessary and harsh chemicals anywhere near their food or water supply. Now they don’t want it in their fitness supplements either. That’s why finding the healthiest protein powder to fit your fitness needs can be tough. Unfortunately, there are countless brands of protein powders promising so many different benefits yet not fully disclosing their formulas (sketch). It could really make your head spin any cause unwanted side effects if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. I was the same way when I started but fortunately for you. Researched by years of trial and error, I’ve narrowed it down to the 3 healthiest protein powders you can buy.

Muscle Milk

When I set out to find this new protein keep in mind I was in the begging of a bulk, so I was looking for more calories and carbohydrates than usual. Digging deeper into the nutrients I saw it had 280 calories and 20g carbs per serving with an only 3g total of sugar. This tells me that Muscle Milk did not ad copious amounts of sugar and junk to boost their calories numbers as I’ve seen with some “bulk proteins.” Right there I was already a fan. This protein also comes with a healthy dose of essential and non-essential amino acids. Theses basically help support muscle maintenance and growth. Most proteins these days come with amino acids but I always encourage people to take them as a separate supplement, you can really never have enough.

The taste is one of the most important factors, depending on the size you bought you’re going to be drinking this protein powder daily for at least a few weeks. Personally, I always stick to chocolate or vanilla. It’s kind of hard to screw up those two basic flavors so I figure they have the best chance to be halfway decent.  For this I chose chocolate. It mixed very well but came off a bit thicker than I prefer. The taste was right on par with the flavor, very chocolatey but not over the top. There was a tad bit of a powdery after taste but overall, I was pleased and I looked forward to drinking this daily.

Syntha 6

This was for the longest time my go-to protein powder. I spent probably 3+ years and countless dollars and different variations of this product. Mainly because it’s that good and it works. The taste on this is amazing. When you mix the chocolate one with milk it tastes exactly like a chocolate milkshake. You’ll find yourself craving one of these for a snack at any time of the day. The consistency is light and easy to drink but also filling so you can even use it as a meal replacement. Just like the Muscle Milk, it is loaded with Amino Acids and other nutrients to help you grow and maintain.

Syntha 6 is great for anyone just starting out or even the lifting vets. This one of the few protein powders I have no problem spending $50+ for the larger container because the taste and nutrients are hard to beat. This bad boy will dish out 200 calories and 22g per serving. Low fat and sodium which is great for keeping lean and not bloated after a shake. 25 servings per container is an excellent value deal. This really gives you a chance to feel and see the effects of the supplement. Overall I’m a big fan of Sythna 6 and would highly recommend this supplement


This little hidden gem might not be the best know protein supplement but its nutritional value is comparable to the popular brands. The taste of this is similar to the Sythna 6 chocolate but thicker in the consistency of it. Still makes for a great snack and meal replacement on top of a workout supplement.  What really got me here is the price, you can pick up a 2lb for around $17 at target and will dish out 21 servings which is prime considering the price and the nutrients loaded into it. EAS for me takes the cake. Affordable nutritious and delicious. I’ll be coming back to this protein time and time again.

Bonus Powder!


I had to add this on there for those not looking to bulk up. You’re obviously looking for a low-calorie, low-carb protein powder. Well, I have an award-winning formula for you that is clinically proven. This is GENPRO, at only 7.2 grams per scoop, this bad boy packs 32g of protein and only 60 calories. Definitely of the healthiest protein powders out right now. Sounds absolutely too good to be true I know. In reality, this product was developed for bariatric and post-surgical patients. Meaning it is developed not to have all that extra junk in it except the bare essentials. Keep in mind this is not a meal supplement. Not to worry adding this to your regiment if your tracking micros is a breeze. You can get your calories somewhere else but if you’re lacking in protein intake this is for you. You can get this on Genpro’s website or Amazon for around $40 dollars and comes with 30 servings.  

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