Outdoor Activities in Fort Worth

Japanese Gardens in Fort Worth.

With how crazy the world is at the moment and the temperatures soaring, outdoor activities may not be a priority. However, getting some fresh air is always good every now and then. This can of course be done by taking walks, runs, bikes or just sitting outside for a bit. Although, occasional changes of scenery is also nice every once in a while. With this, here are some of the best outdoor places to visit in Fort Worth, if you want a slight change in scenery.

Now before you go anywhere, you should check and see to make sure these places have rules in place to help keep you and other patrons safe. In addition, make sure to wear a mask if you feel the need to. Just be sure to take any precautionary measures to not only ensure your safety, but the safety of others around you as well.

Fort Worth Water Gardens

The first place we recommend visiting is the Fort Worth Water Gardens. This summer is proving to be a very hot one already. What better way to relax outside and combat the heat than by visiting this place. This 4.3 acre garden hosts quite a variety of different pools and water features that tourists can not only admire from a distance, but also get up close to these features. Their main attraction is this active pool with water cascading 38 ft down. People can walk down and be surrounded by the sounds of the water falling.

Fort Worth Japanese Gardens

The second place we recommend visiting is the Fort Worth Japanese Gardens. This 7.5 acre garden hosts a wide variety of activities and attractions for visitors of the garden. These can include a zen garden, a tsukimi deck, waterfalls, cherry trees, Japanese maples, a pagoda, and fish food dispensers to feed the hundreds of koi in the three ponds located in the Garden. There is so much to do in this garden that you definitely won’t be bored going there. Plus the scenery is very much worth the trip.

Trinity River

The last place we recommend is visiting the Trinity River for a broad range of activities. Although a lot of these activities are spread around town, the variety of options for adventure on the Trinity will have you visiting every weekend. Along the bank of the Trinity are 100+ miles of paved trails. You can hike, bike or enjoy a stroll down the river. Along with those trails, they also have a 40+ horseback riding trail and parking for horse trailers. If you’re wanting to get on the Trinity for paddle boarding or kayaking, head over to the Panther Island Pavilion in the heart of Fort Worth.

Lastly grab some friends or family and start your geocaching adventures! Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using your smartphone. The TRWD Trinity Trails Geocaching Adventure consists of 29 geocaches hidden along the Trinity River. This activity is sure to keep you entertained all day and hopefully introduce you to hidden locations on the Trinity.

All in all, even with everything going on at the moment, it’s good to get out of the house every now and then. The main thing though is to make sure you’re safe and considerate of others safety. So if you do decide to go to these places, be sure to take the appropriate precautionary measures and see how the location is working to keep you safe as well.

Story By Anthony Rodriguez, Creative Media for Campus Live

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