TCU Galleries Create Fashioning Safety in Times of Pandemic Exhibition

Having a face mask is nothing short of normal nowadays. That being said, most people have a unique mask or a cool design on their face mask. It allows people to have some creativity with their face masks while also staying safe when out of their home. As a result, the TCU School of Art is giving the TCU community a chance to show their creativity with a juried exhibition involving creative facemasks. This Juried exhibition will be called CREATE + PROTECT: Fashioning Safety in Times of Pandemic.

Submissions are Due

Submissions for this event begin on September 1st and end on October 3rd so it’ll give you plenty of time to create something original for this exhibition. After the submissions end, the exhibition will be on view from October 16th to November 14. It will also be presented in a socially distanced manner at the Moudy Gallery windows and in display cases in the TCU Mary Couts Burnett Library. The event will also be presented virtually on The Art Galleries at TCU’s Artsy page for the wider TCU community.

Main Event

As for prerequisites for the event itself, the main purpose of this is to have original face masks that push the physical ideas of a mask and conceptually reimagine our lives and interactions. They dont have to be fuctional or practical, but they just need to show the creativity of the TCU Community. You aren’t imited to what you can use to make the mask either. The only asterik in that is that if you use perishable or food products, submit them online only as they can’t be displayed of they’re perishable. You are also allowed to make up to 5 different masks but have to have at least 1 or 2 photographs of each mask. It would also help if you wore the mask in the photographs to show off its design.

These works must be recieved no later than the 14th of october if you want them to be displayed. If you wish to get your work returned once the event has finished, The Art Galleries at TCU offer both pick up and mail delivery.

All in all, this is a great way to show off your creative side. Nowadays with masks being the new normal in the world, it’s a good way to show how a mask can be both practical and stylish. If you want more in-depth details regarding this event, check out the TCU School of Art’s Twitter account. You still have time until submissions begin so if you wish to participate, now would be a good time to start planning your unique and original mask.

Story by: Anthony Rodriguez Creative Media for Campus Live

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