Neeley School of Business Recognized for Executive MBA Programs

Neeley School of Business on TCU Campus.

The TCU Neeley School of business is seeing great recognition at the moment. In the 2020 Economist Rankings for the Executive MBA Programs, TCU ranks quite highly. To preface, Executive MBAs are quite popular. These programs are pretty much designed for students who are either corporate executives or managers in the workforce. These students are typically quite experienced in their field before they enter the program. Despite this, these programs provide the students with additional tools to bolster their managerial experience.

The Ranking

In regards to the Neeley School of Business executive MBA program, It ranks at Number 13 in the world. Number 1 in Texas. When it came to the Economists ranking, they based their ranking on two factors. They rank on personal development/educational experience and career development. From this, TCU Neeley business school ranked at number 13. Beating out schools like Cornell, Colombia, and Texas A&M to name a few. Compare this to the previous year’s ranking, TCU went up from its ranking of 18. In the state of Texas, and the Big 12, TCU takes the number 1 Spot. Compared to other Texas Schools in the world ranking, A&M ranks 37, Rice ranks 44, UT austin ranks 45, and SMU ranks 47.

Specialty Rankings

In specialty rankings, TCU also ranks quite highly. In categories such as facilities, faculty, Career Progression, and overall program quality, They rank at 1, 4, 4, and 5 respectively. It shows that the TCU executive MBA program is a good choice for those in the business world looking to begin one of these programs. It also shows that TCU does its best to work with its students and faculty to provide those in the EMBA with the best curriculum available.

The Neeley Business School EMBA program getting this level of recognition is not unwarranted. With a top ranking in the overall program worldwide and high rankings in specialty rankings, it makes TCUs EMBA program a worthwhile choice. It will allow those in the program to further their careers in the business world with a top quality education.

Story by Anthony Rodriguez, Creative Media for Campus Live.

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